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TRIO NEXØ was established in 1973. The company is located on Bornholm a small island in the Baltic Sea.

The company manufactured in the beginning machinery and equipment for processing of shrimp and fish species and machinery for the foodstuffs industry. The machines were developed for use in the fishing industry in the country as well as for use on board fishing trawlers, and the majority of the production was exported to the fishery industry worldwide, but as the fishery is going to be smaller and smaller the last years, TRIO NEXØ has chosen to look new ways for development – for instance just the newly developed lightweight mobile crane and the investment at the first watter cutter machine on Bornholm – look more in ‘Products’.

TRIO NEXØ is specialized in stainless steel work, and we undertake to work as a subcontractor to all kinds of companies as well as private customers.

With experience and know-how TRIO NEXØ has developed and modernized products in close cooperation with as well national as international clients, and after many years experience in export markets include Danida projects in countries such as Vietnam, Mozambique, Ghana etc. this know-how can be used local, regional and global.

Besides we are specialized in individual solutions to designing efficient products – so don’t hesitate to contact us for an alternative proposal on construction or modification of exactly your wish what ever it is as subcontractor or for the fishing industry, foodstuffs, agriculture or as a private customers – we look forward to hear from you.

Med venlig hilsen
Ingvard Munch-Kure

TRIO NEXØ A/S complies and works by Danish law. Subcontractors follow the same rules.

Social responsible attitude we have chosen to support Young Enterprise – a non-profit organization that aims to promote young people’s skills in independence, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • 2007 Appointed to apprentice of the year by Bornholm’s Business School now Campus Bornholm.
  • 2010 Skilled locksmith Anders Harboe Pihl at Maskinfabrikken Trio Nexo is the first ever since from Bornholm Business School/Campus Bornholm to receive Metalindustriens Apprentices price.
  • Approved by the Food & Drug Administration to manufacture and sale of machinery and machine parts etc. to contact with foodstuffs.
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