Other products

Maskinfabrikken TRIO NEXØ has also contributed to the development of a rat barrier system that is already used by many municipalities throughout Denmark.

TRIO NEXØ manufactures parts for this rat barrier system in stainless steel which is one of our specialties.

Adequate informations about the rat barrier system you can see at down below link. 

Read more: www.kloaksikring.dk

Maskinfabrikken TRIO NEXØ has worked together with Sporvejsmuseet Skjoldenæsholm through the last past years, and hereby we have produced the old trams as the looked ind the original way back to 100 years ago.

The museum has just celebrate 50 years anniversary, which was placed at the town hall of Copenhagen, and at the same time there was exhibition with the different kinds of trams and episodes from the development through the time/years.

Adequate informations about Skjoldenæsholm you can see at down below link.

Read more: www.sporvejsmuseet.dk

The designer Ole Funder and the designer Hans Bj?rn Petersen has make a co-operation with TRIO NEXØ to produce design chairs high and low and ottoman plus exclusive furniture produced in stainless steel and granite plate f.e. in granite from Bornholm to use for plate at the design tables.

Just this co-operation goes well with the society ‘De Bornholmske Designsmede’.

The photo shows the chair and ottoman, which is made of stainless steel and leather, which incidentally is a whole ox to such a set plus a selection of different kinds of design tables.

In the picture, you can see chairs and a footstool made of stainless steel and full-grain leather, which by the way requires an entire cow to produce such a set, as well as a selection of designer tables.

A testament to the creativity and craft skills evidenced by the fact that TRIO NEXØ has developed or contributed to the development of several other products that do not have with the industry to do.

This winerack is simply a great addition to the decor in the dining room or in the club rooms.
It looks great in the room and inspires being examined.
Good as a display element if you want to display and sell a particular wine or bottle of spirits together with some beautiful glasses.

Material: Black painted wrought iron
Shelf: 8 mm smoked glass shelf
edge-worked 270 x 666 mm
Height: 1500 mm
Width: 650 mm int. – 666 mm ext.
Depth: 300 mm
Contents: Holds 54 wine bottles
Design: Supplied with doors that can be locked or without doors

Here is a unique flag hoisting system that facilitates and simplifies hoisting and dismantling of flags in the hollow fiberglass flagpoles.

TRIO NEXØ has worked together with the artist Anders Nyborg in many years.

Here is a sculpture by Anders Nyborg – look at more in the link down belowe.

Read more: www.artprimavera.dk