Maskinfabrikken TRIO NEXØs newly developed lightweight mobile crane.

There has been continuously developed on the crane the last year, and now it is complete for sale after the big interest we meet at the exhibition in Herning, when we launched the crane.

The crane, which is intended to be mounted on a trailer and small/medium-sized truck operations, are different from the rest of the market  with its range, weight and flexibility. The crane is constructed entirely of aluminum, and hereby the weight will be reduced not even because of increased payload on the trailer as well as smaller truck operations.

TRIO NEXØ has already had many inquiries from companies, which is using smal transport trailers, because they are seeing the possibility to mount the crane on the trailer. One person can handle the transport even with heavy items. It is thus an efficiency lift with both the working time and saving fuel.

The crane lifts 180 kg on a range at 3,6 m, and the cranes own weight is 58 kg – with all equipment ca. 150 kg. It is controlled by electronic with the newest radiocontrolled system from Scanreco. The operation time increases, because the pump only is driving, when it is necessary, and the fuel economic even is going to be better because of the cranes low weigth. Remote control with doubble funktion and charge to 12 volt plus socket to computer for programming.

It is possible to buy extra equipment as rotator and extra oli selection to bucket or other tools, thow the crane is driving with standard fortress as ground model, and then it suits to the common model of cranes.

Contact us for more informations and get a good offer.